Was Collusion Good for America?

Errr … my initial reaction to such a quesiton is “are you mad?”! How could it be good for America when a foreign power — a hostile foreign power at that — intereferes in our elections? Isn’t that a violation of one of the most treasured apects of independence? That we control our own destiny?

And yet, it appears that this is where Donald Trump is headed. After blatantly lying about whether there was collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia for the better part of a year, Trump is now signaling that it happened and that it was good that it happened.

It is a ballsy move. And to make it work, Trump has to reach back into his bag of tricks to persuade Americans that democrats like Hilary Clinton are the real enemy. Not Russians, Democrats. Because Democrats are the real enemy, it makes sense to ally with outside powers to stop the Democrats from gaining power.

Will this work? My guess is that a few people will buy it. A few people are so deeply invested in the conspiracy theories that Trump and his friends trade in that they have already drunk the proverbial Kool aide.

Regardless, we are one step closer to losing our democracy when the leader of a political party who also is the president paints the opposition as an enmy of the country.  We should keep that in mind.


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