Obsessed with the Iron Duke?

I am and I gladly admit it.

Arthur Wellesley was elevated to the peerage and eventually made Duke of Wellington on his victory over French forces in the peninsula war. that drove them from Portugal and then Spain.  he was known as the “Iron Duke”. The Iron Duke fought many battles and ultimately defeated Napoleon (along with Blucher) at Waterloo. In many ways, he represented what was best about Britain at the time. Not just as a great field marhsall, but as a great leader of men.

So what is the best short biography of Wellingotn? According to History Extra, this is the book you want.

Richard Holmes’ Wellington: The Iron Duke (Harper Collins, 2002) … mixes readability with some acute insights, (and) is the best (relatively) short modern biography of Wellington.

The above History Extra post also reviews a much longer biography of Wellington if you really want to get into it.



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