Buckminster Full on Awareness as a Plural

From the book Tetrascroll by Buckminster Fuller,

The book evolved out of Fuller’s nightly re-telling of the fairy tale, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Each night, Fuller would add some cosmic details to make it more interesting. Goldilocks became Goldy, and we get text like this (a pretty much random splaming)

…”‘ awareness” … is inherently plural, for at a minimum, it consists of the individual system which becomes aware and the first minimum “otherness” of which it is aware, the otherness being either integrally internal or separately external to the observing system’s fourteen integral topologically componented subsystems (4V + 4A  + 6L).

I was doing pretty well with this until that last bit. Fourteen integral topologically componented  sysbsystems? Ah well, the next paragraph takes us a step further.

Together the observer and the observed constitute two points differentiated against an omnienvironment of mothingness with one inherent line of “awareness” interrelationship running between the two points. Euler’s generalized formula, which he named topology, says the numbe rof points plus the number of areas will always equal the number of lines plus the number 2., which Goldy finds to be at minimum 2P +  1A = 1L + 2 which minimum number of awareness aspects of life adds to four,  i.e, (A) the observer, (B) the observed, (C) the line of interrelationship, and (D) the nothingness area against which the somethingness is observed.

Which takes us to this observation

There are no known experimentally demonstrable maximum limits.

And this

Only the minikmum limit is demonstrably absolute. The minimum limit experienceible is always a system – even when it looks only like a point.

Did you catch thta?


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