Getting the Democracy that We Deserve

I have been moaning and groaning for a long time about the failure of repuiblican party leadership to react to Trump scandals. If Hillary were accused of a quarter of the stuff we have seen dumped on Trump’s doorstep, they would be howling at the moon.

Republicans have been somewhat more attuned to dissent over their health care proposals. In this arena, the opposition to gutting ObamaCare has been vocal and fierce – and appears to be bi-partisan.

But when it comes to Trump, it seems that rank and file republicans are not overly agitated – at least not yet. This comment speaks volumes

Republican Sen. Bob Corker said that the Trump administration seems to be descending into chaos, and a poll was done of Tennessee GOP primary voters that showed a whopping 60 percent of them said that that comment made them less likely to want to vote for Bob Corker in the primary.

Interesting. It may be that these voters are still basking in the afterglow of republicans taking back the White House. Or “negative partisanship” voices may be drowning out all other news. Or it may be that they still believe Trump that this is much to do about nothing.

Will things stay that way? Dave French thinks that they will, at least for the short term.  My own guess is that opinion will only begin to shift when the investigations have produced some more tangible results. Not just reports of meetings, but criminal wrongdoing.

Stay tuned!


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