Trouble in Trumpland: The String of Lies is Astounding

From the beginning, the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself have vehemently denied that they were part of any Russian effort to hack the US presidential election or any collusion with Russians at all to damage Hillary Clinton.

You can watch a video thread of those denials here. It is truly remarkable.

It turns out that this was all false. Donald Trump Jr. admitted that in June, 2016 he agreed to meet with a Russian government agent FOR THE PURPOSE OF  getting dirt on Hillary. And he was allegedly disappointed when he found out at the meeting that that agent had no such dirt. … yet.

The Donald Jr.’s lawyers are not happy. They are even less so given that their client admitted publicly his intention to violate campaign laws. So now they have given him a new descriptor for the meeting. It was “just a courtesy to an acquaintance”.

Do you buy that? If you are tempted, you might ask yourself, where is this phrase reflected in the evidence about the planning for the meeting? Something like this “We need to give a few minutes to X to show our appreciateion for Y”. And why bring in Kushner and Manifort? Was the acquaintance that important? If the acquaintance was that important, why? Nice try, but sorry junior, it doesn’t add up.

So had Donald Jr. just gone rogue? Not likely  Hourrs after Donald Jr. set up that meeting, big Donald boasted that he would soon have dirt on Hillary. Coincidence? And once again, keep in mind that Donald Jr. did not go to the meeting alone. He went with Kushner and Manifort. Two top Trump figures.  Why were they there? To play tiddlywinks?

Moreover, there is something odd about the Goldstone e mail and Donald Jr.’s response

… the larger existence of a Russian government campaign to support the Trump campaign is simply taken for granted, with no further context or explanation.

And we are aware that Kushner and Manifort had their own connections to Russian figures, aside from this meeting. And then there is good old Mike Flynn, who had his own Russian links that will probably send him to the slammer.  There is a hell of a lot of smoke surrounding Trump’s top circle. Was the Donald himself not aware or involved in any way? My own view is that this is highly unlikely.

As Adam Schiff points out, it was just after this meeting that Russian intelligence started to weaponize their hacking efforts. Before, they were just gathering intelligence. After, they got into data dumping etc. Does it stretch the imagination to suggest that at the meeting or thereafter, a deal was struck?

One more thing is now abundantly clear. The Donald Jr. is in urgent need of  an IQ implant. He just doesn’t seem to understand what is going on.

Stay tuned.


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