Partying with Russian Intelligence?

Well, it was not exactly a party. It was a meeting.

And who was there? On the one side were top Trump folks, including his son, his campaign manager, and son in law (who has now become head of just about everything in the Trump Administration).  On the other side, a lawyer who was known to have close ties to the Putin crowd.

The purpose? This nice lady — who did I mention has close ties to the Putin crowd — had let it be known

… in an email that damaging information (Trump) was expecting to receive about Hillary Clinton was part of a Russian effort to help then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trumpsters have said, “So what? This is normal …  errr …. isn’t it?!” Experienced GOP campaign folks — repbulicans as well — say “no way.”

A former Watergate prosecutor called this clear evidence of collusion.

What do I say?  At best, Donald’s son can argue that he was indifferent to the source of the alleged information that he was looking for. He would have met with anyone who might help Trump out.  And meeting with people is not a crime in itself. On the other hand,  he also had evidence of potential criminal activity. Ooops!  Normally, when one gets evidence of criminal activity, one goes to the authorities. Right?`Indeed, in certain cases, it may be a crime not to do so. Moreover, we have circumstantial evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. An offer was made to look at illegally obtained information by agents by a foreign government  and that offer was accepted.

Special prosecutor Mueller will be taking a close look at this. Not just to understand whether to take steps concerning the meeting itself. Also to understand how this meeting might tie in with subsequent activities on both sodies.

Stay tuned.

BTW, Campaign finance law raises the standard here with respect to soliciting or receiving anything of value from foreigners.


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