Quantum Computing: 50 million searches later

I think this quote (from Forbes) gives a nice image of how quantum computing is different than the old fashioned kind. Enjoy!

Perhaps Eric Ladizinsky, co-founder of quantum computing company D-Wave, explained the differences between a regular computer and a quantum computer best when he spoke at WIRED 2014 conference. He said to imagine that you only have five minutes to find an X written on a page of a book among the 50 million books in the Library of Congress. In this scenario, you would be a regular computer and you would never find the X. But, if you had 50 million parallel realities and you could look at a different book in each of those realities (just like a quantum computer), you would find the X. A quantum computer splits you into 50 million versions of yourself to make the work quick and easy.

Quantum computers give us the ability to solve complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of classical computers.

Errr … did you get that?


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