Does the Gordon Hayward Trade Matter?

Gordon Hayward is moving from the Jazz to the Celtics and will get a very big payday for his trouble. But will this move the needle for the Celtics? Will it vault them beyond the Cavs? Will it enable them to match up with the Warriors?

At least one writer answers “nyet”. I agree.

Hayward is good. But is he a game changer? Hayward offers stuff that the Celtics need – primarily a second elite scorer. thta will take pressure off Isaiah. But it will not make up for a big problem that they have. They lacked rim protection before Hayward and they still do. As a result, players like Lebron and Irving can drive and finish or kick out for high percentage shots.

So, I expect the Celtics to end up pretty much where they did this year – they will lose to the Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals.

Do you agree?


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