When You Will Go Rooftop Solar

The trend seems to be long term – the cost of rooftop solar is going down and the cost of batteries to store the electicity that you generate is also going down. The conclusion: at some point, this means rooftop solar will be mainstream. We all will either have it or will be considering installing it. The speed at which this happens depends largely on how fast battery technology develops. But McKensy thinks it will happen fsater than many think Perhaps by 2030.

And what about utilities?

(The McKinsey report makes) clear is that for power utilities, unlike for so many other decrepit American institutions, simply clinging to the status quo is not an option. Rooftop solar can be staved off temporarily with fees and rate tweaks, but as batteries get cheaper, those strategies will stop working. More and customers are going to generate, store, and manage more and more of their own power.

Utilities will have to look elsewhere to make money: Where? That story is yet to play out. Stay tuned!


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