Riesling Unleashed

I go through a fair amount of white wine during the summer. Rose as well, but sitting on the deck on a sunny afternoon, a chilled bottle of white wine is great company.

If I am living high on the hog, I will go for a high-grade chablis. That chalky dry taste is unforgettable. And it will set you back a pretty penny.  Bill Gates can bathe in the stuff, but not me.

You can also get amazing flavor out of some less expensive whites — and especially Rieslings. If  you are riesling newbie, here is a post for you. One takeaway – riesling can be sweet or dry, depending on where and how it is made. I tend to like the sweeter ones. Why? Rieslings are usually very light. A bit of sweetness in a light wine is very seductive. But hey, that is just me!


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