Mosul Recaptured, and then what?

Iraqi forces are still engaged in a mopping up exercise in Mosul but ISIS no longer has any coherent control over the city. Moreover, there are relatively few ISIS fighters who still pose a threat, and they are bottled up in a tiny area. The Iraqi government has decided that it is time to celebrate the recapture of Mosul. I agree.

At the same time, a US backed coalition of Arabs and Kurds is closing in on theso-called Syrian ISIS capital of Raqqa. It is likely that Raqqa will now fall as well. Not immediately but in the foreseeable future.

So we are in a new era of the fight against ISIS: It will soon no longer control significant territoruy in Syria or Iraq. What next? Most experts would argue that this is not the end of the fight. ISIS still will have a significant global terror network that may strike at random. BTW, at least one writer thinks that after Raqqa falls, ISIS may think about joining al qaeda to pursue global jihad.

If this is true — and there is no reason to think at least that ISIS will press on— Trump’s so-called “Travel ban” against persons from selected countries is foolish policy. It fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the threat — terror can come from anywhere, not just a few identified places.

So if terror can come from anywhere, what should anti-terror policies evolve into?  The most logical approach would be to focus on the root causes for recruitment. Will the Donald address this?

I am waiting.


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