Fultz Goes Down with an Ankle Injury

Hopefully, it is not too serious.

From the summer league in Vegas in a game against the Warriors.

midgame – The Sixers turned the ball over in the backcourt and a Warrior player was driving to the hoop. As he neared the basket, TLC stepped up and looked like he wanted to stop the layup with a hard foul. TLC took an elbow to the face and went down hard. Meanwhile, Fultz was chasing the Warrior player to try to block his shot from behind. He appareaded to roll his ankle on his leap take off. He went down and was down for a while. When helped up, he did not put any weight on that foot. He is out for the game at least.

This is really unfortunate for Sixer fans. We remember well that last season Ben Simmons broke his foot on the last day of practice before the season. At first there was some hope that he had just rolled the ankle and that it was a bad sprain. Then the news came out that it was the more serious kind of bone injury (a Jones fracture), requiring surgery.

We are now in a similar situation with Fultz. We just don’t know how serious the injury is.


FOLLOW – the good news is that it looks like a sprained ankle rather than a broken foot

Markelle Fultz attempted to block Golden State Warriors guard Jabari Brown’s shot and came down on Brown’s leg rolling his ankle in a Sixers 95-93 win.


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