It is time to Re-Think the Hacking Threat

The phrase “hacking threat” sounds sort of juvenile. How could hackers be a major threat to the most powerful nation on earth? In fact, I heard that comment from a friend a while back, when I complained about Russian hacking of the recent presidential elections.

We may need to think again. It is now reported that hackers have been trying to penetrate US nuclear power facilities.  What could hackers do if they gained access`? They could disrupt energy supplies at any given moment. And each time hackers attempt to access a system, they learn how to hack better. If they are well funded, hackers could spread their attacks to broad sectors of government and th eeconomy.

This is serious. And the seriousness of it is compounded by the knowledge that at least one nation, a nation that is hostile to the US,  is financing a pool of hackers. And we have a leader who seems oblivious to the threat. Worse than oblivious, our leader seems to have a bromance with the man behind it.

Donald Trump can be accused of numerousf shortcomings as president. In the long run, this may be one of the most serious. Not venal like violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Negligence concerning a matter of natiojnal security.  That is serious stuff. Remember, for example, how heated things got when it was alleged that George W. Bush ignored warnings that the 9/11 attack was coming? This could be as bad if not worse.

And ath is concerning.


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