The Sixers are Bulking up!

The Sixers made a big splash when the traded up to snag Markelle Fultz as the top pick of this year’s loaded draft. They waived Gerald Henderson (who deserves a fond farewell for playing well last year with a painful hip) and now they have landed free agents JJ Redick (from the Clippers) and Amir Johnson (from the Celtics). Both come in with one year deals, meaning that after next season the Sixers retain cap space flexibility.

The Redick deal is the big one. Redick is a proven outside threat who will space the floor and he will probably be the fifth starter along with Embiid, Simmons, Fultz and Covington. Johnson will come off the bend as a power forward backup after Dario.

At this point, the Sixers are looking pretty solid. The starting five has lots of offensive firepower

  • Simmons as initiator
  • Fultz, Redick, and Covington as outside threats
  • Embiid in the post

And should play respectable defense with Embiid at anchor and Covington on th ewing. It will be interesting to see how well Simmons and Fultz play defense.

The bench looks good too. Dario will likely be the 6th man spelling Covington. They are especially deep at the 2 spot with TLC, Stauskas, and Korkmaz after Redick. They could use a bit more depth at the 3 (a Covington back up) though Anderson is there.  They are strong at 4 with Dario, and Johnson after Simmons. And don’t forget Bayless and McConnell as point backups. my guess is that Okafor will be gone somehow, leaving Holmes as the 5 backup.

Barring injuries, this is now a playoff team. Inexperience will cost them, but they will be very fun to watch! Hinkie was right. The process has paid off. And btw, you gotta give Colangelo some credit here. I still think he whiffed on the Noel deal. But he has made up fo rit by snagging Fultz and now Redick.

Is Colangelo done yet? Stay tuned!


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