Let’s Face it. The President is Bonkers!

Does anyone think that Donald Trump’s tweet rampages are normal? What would you say if the person tweeting were Barrack Obama? Hillary Clinton? George H.W. Bush or his son? Or what if your boss started acting this way? Or a member of your family? I think that the answer uniformly is that we would expect them to seek help.

The time has come to be blunt. Trump’s tweets are prima facie case of diminished capacity. They are not the only evidence. We also have the serial lying. We have the rages and the inability to separate fantasy and reality. But the tweets demonstrate that this dude is not playing with a full deck of cards.

Rachel Maddow thinks that they are a tactic that Trump uses to distract the media from bad news.

She has a point. Trump went bananas over the Morning Joe hosts just when the news hit that a GOP financier was colluding with Russians on behlaf of Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. In other words, we no longer are talking about suspected collusion. The collusion happened. The sole question is who was in on it.

But even if Rachel is right. Even if Donald Trump is deliberately stoking the media fire. Even if he is really being very crafty. Even then, we have to face up to the fact that no sane person does this sort of thing. No sane person comes up with this type of strategy and thinks it will work. Rachel’s argument boils down to “He is bonkers and dangerously nasty to boot!”

And that is not all. Trump and his merry crew of Trumpsters are trying to figure out ways to stay in power. Not by consent of the electorate, but by vote suppression and voter intimidation.

In Trump’s mind, these things rae necessary because he truly believes that he won the popular vote. Despite the evidence to the contrary, Trump believes that he is popular. So those who disapprove are to blame for everything that goes wrong now. That about sums it up. We have a nut case in the White House who has the ability to launch nukes.

Impeach? Hell yes! And quickly before this guy goes completely off his rocker!


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