Is it Time to Change the World Yet?

Over the years, I have been involved in quite a few projects that were intended to deliver value added to communities. A lot of them did nice things. But,, to be honest, none of them created a sustainable path that we could build on. None of them “scaled”, the way we think of the term in the world of business ideas.

Was this because we were stupid? Perhaps. But if we were stupid, so too were all the other well intentioned folks who were doing the same sort of stuff elsewhere.

Part of the problem has been that there was no great platform to share great ideas. We might do something really cool, but very few people would ever hear about it, let alone invest in it to make that cool thing a “best practice”.

Change X is a platform that is trying to change that. They want to create a new sort of marketplace of ideas for social change.  And their “Impact as Service” concept enables you to create an idea agenda for a region that you are connected with, and solicit project ideas to bring your agenda to life.

Thanks to Al Wenger for posting on Change X.

Will this work? It is too early to tell. But even if it does not, we have an opportunity to learn from what Change X is trying to do. Think of it as a first step to building a global marketplace for ideas that will not just change the world, but make it a better place to llive for all of us.


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