Can You Distinguish Purpose, Mission and Strategy?

Most of us would say “no”. These are not words that we use every day. And there is a reason why we do not use them every day. Every day we get caught up in ten thousand little challenges that require our attention. If we get too bogged down in thinking about meta issues, we cannot do stuff.

Or so it seems. In fact, when we do not have a clear path from purpose to missoin to strategy and back up the ladder, the odds are that we will get lost in details. We will not be able to make good decisions about what NOT to do. We get into trouble.

The solution is simple. Think of purpose, mission and strategy as a sort of vocabulary. This vocabulary opens the door to a certain type of meaning. Using the vocabulary, we can see more clearly what is going on around us. What we want to be part of and what we do NOT want to be part of.

So how to learn this ovcabulary? There are people who can teach it to you. You can get a sense of that from Nick Grossman’s talk at TNW. Check out his video. It lasts around 20 minutes. Nick does a good job of boiling down the concepts to usable bits.

Check it out!


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