Xerox PARC at 47

You might not know it, but Xerox actually invented the PC. Xerox did it at its research facility, PARC (the Palo Alto Research Center). But we all know that Xerox did not market the first PC. What happened?

It is one of th emost famous stories in tech history. Xerox  was in the copy machine business and so it did not see the value of the contraption that the researchers at PARC had created. Steve Jobs wangled hsi way in to see the invention and immediately realized its potential. He realized that potential at Apple. Ooops!

But that is not the end of the story. Since then, PARC woke up to the idea that inventing stuffis not enough. One has to invent within a business model to find the value added in the new thing. Tendayi Viki tells that story for Forbes.

More recently, I have heard that PARC has lost its way again – this time by closing its doors to idesa that it is not looking for itself. Ah, th einnovation game! Not for the faint of heart!



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