Have time for a Slow Jaunt Through Italy?

Georgette Jupe makes an interesting distinction between “tourists” and “travelers”. Tourists race around to cross off stuff on their bucket lists. They travel in packs, all looking at the same stuff. Travelers are not in such a hurry. They are looking for great experiences with cool people. She offers some suggestions for how to visit Italy as a traveler – not a tourist, and suggests engging a guide from an outfit called “SensoTravel”.  Here is the pitch

Whether it’s riding a hot-air balloon over a brimming sunrise in the Tuscan countryside or chartering a yacht off the glittering emerald coastline of Capri, Senso also offers luxury travel experiences for those who want to splurge on a once in a lifetime experience they certainly will never forget. From organizing a limousine pick-up from the airport to finding the perfect beautiful luxury boutique hotel for a special occasion, email them for your customized Italy itinerary here.

I like the idea of selecting a type of experience that appeals in a give locale. And Senso’s optoins are nice – especially for guides to major cities. But I would like more. For example, what if I wanted an “opera tour”? Or a history of Rome tour?

I hope that these types of customized experiences will become more common on the web. They can anchor global communities around high value added events and people.


2 thoughts on “Have time for a Slow Jaunt Through Italy?”

  1. Not sure. At some point, we cross the line from tourist to participant. Not sure where that line is exactly, but I like being on the participant side for the things I truly love.

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