Mitch McConnell gets a Can of Whoop Ass!

The dude does not look like the brawler that he is. But make no mistake.  McConnell is a brawler. He was one of the architects of the “scorched earth” tactics to oppose Obama’s “bring change to Washington” message. He was the one who refused to allow hearings or a vote on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Garland. And he is the guy who now is trying to ram the repeal Obamacare down everyone’s throat. As I said, McConnell is a brawler.

But it appears that McConnell’s brawling style is not working when it comes to health care. He hoped that if he produced a bill secretly, he could get a quick vote on it before anyone knew what hit them. He might get a quick win.

Wroing. He got pilloried for working in secret. Mocked when he claimed falsely that the democrats had done the same thing with Obamacare. And now that the bill is out, he faces a mutiny from his own party by senators who see how unpopular it is.

Mitch has had to delay the vote. And I am sure that he did so reluctantly because doing so gives people more time to look at the bill, in all of its ugliness. The message that the bill screws the poor in order to give a big fat tax break to the rich smells very bad. The message thta Trump may break his promise not to  cut Medicaid smells very bad. And that smell will make it harder to do any deal.

I can’t say that I feel sorry for Mitch. Instead, I hope that his fiasco will drive home a basic lesson – don’t screw around with Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Even tough guys get burned when they do that.


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