The Basketball Gods Smile on Robert Covington

Sam Hinkie brought Robert Covington up from the d league during the process (or rebuild) and at first it looked like Covington would suffer the same fate as a lot of the other marginal players the Sixers went through at that time. He was, btw, brutalized by the press.

As it turned out, Covington could shoot from long range — though he is a bit streaky. So he stuck around. And then something amazing happened. Covington suddenly morphed into  a respectable defensiive player. And with a ton of hard work, Covington has now developed into one of the best wing defenders in the league.

Am I exaggerating? He just came in fourth place for the defensive player of the year. Sometimes the good guys win!

Way to go Roco! He is one of the sure starters on next year’s team.

  • Embiid
  • Simmons
  • Fultz
  • Roco
  • ?

Solid dude! And the fifth player? Hmmm … Dario or a floor spacer like TLC? There are lots of optoins here!


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