Once Again, Trump will Try to Fire Mueller

I posted on this the other day and it appears that Trump is moving in this direction.

Why? After firing Comey, Trump knows that firing Mueller will spark a huge explosion in the media and in Washington. So he will not do it just for fun. But he may have to do it if he believes Mueller will find stuff that will bring him down. At that point he has nothing to lose. and he has a chance to get away with it if Congressional Republicans show no spine.

In my book, by making noises that he may fire Mueller — which Trump just did (see link above) — Trump is already tacitly admitting that there are serious skeletons in his closet.  Why? There is no other reason to launch this trial balloon. But that is just my intuition speaking.

BTW, if the Dems had won any of the special elections, it would be more certain that Republicans would rebel if Trump fires Mueller. Now? A certain number are still likely to freak out. But Mitch McConnell and Pual Ryan may try to keep the troops in line.  And Trump may be counting on that. For sure, he is chatting with McConnell and Ryan about it.

Let’s say Trump does fire Mueller in order to fund a whopper tax cut for rich folks and signs into law a Trumpcare bill that cuts Medicaid and reduces health care coverage. We then head into the 2018 Congressional elections with some very big issues out there for voters.

Stay tuned!


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