George Clooney Just Pulled a Paul Newman!

Not all news that makes it to print is bad news. Sometimes the good guys win. I think George Clooney is one of those good guys and boy, did he ever win this time!

Geroge has been on a roll in life, with his marraige and kids. And now his tequila company was just sold to Diego for around —- $1 billion-.


When you read the story, it is hard not to remember how Paul Newman did something similar with his salad dressings. Paul made high quality products, and got his name connected with them. They sold like hot cakes.

Of course Paul never sold his company, and Paul donated his profits to charity. I am sure George will be generous as well.

But to the point, this is a classic life style business success story. George and his friends love sipping tequila together, decided to make their own, their own way, and there you go.

I am sure that they are celebrating. And more power to them!


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