The Answer is “Yes”, Now what is the Question?

The title of this post reflects the good old “can do” attitude.

It is an attitude that most people would say oepns doors to success. A willingness to believe that “yes” is possible, no matter how difficult the challenge signals a view to adding value.

It is what made Zappos customer service legendary. 

The yes here is a !big” yes. The yes that connects us. The yes that enggaes us. The follow up is how to get there – the practical stuff.

From the opposite perspective, Steve Jobs (perhaps getting the idea from business guru Peter Drucker) said that in order to be great, we need to say no to good stuff. Hmmm … does this contradict the yes first ideaa?

You might think of this as two different moments in time. The big yes comes first to produce engagement – a path. Once you are on the path, you take it, saying no to distraction.

Got that?

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