My Bet: Trump Will Try to Get Rid of Mueller

In Trumpistan, there is always reason to be scared of something. But for the last day or so, we have had fewer “hair on fire” types of news stories. Meanwhile, spcial counsel Bob Mueller is loading up with a dream team of prosecutors.

Here is my take — if left alone, Mueller et al will find sufficient grounds to discredit Trump and this will lead to his downfall. Either by impeachment or resignation (a Nixon type deal). There is just too much smoke here for one not to find some fire.

If Trump realizes this, he has nothing to lose by trying to get rid of Mueller before the damage is done. He may be able to do this, though it won’t be easy.

Why bother? It will be one last test of the spine of Congresisonal Republicans. There is a chance that they will spit,  curse, and kick up a lot of dust but in the end do nothing. If so, Trump wins. If not, and they go forward to hire Mueller themselves, Trump is screwed. But he is scrwed anyway.

So will the Donald roll the dice? My bet is that he is a gambling man and will give it a go. If it doesn’t work, he will pretend that he didn’t really do anything wrong. but quit because he just wanted to play more golf.

Alternatively., he may bet that Mueller will not be able to find anything to pin on him. Hmmm … but if he was thinking that way, then why did he fire Comey? If this is a lot to do about nothing, Trump could have ridden out the various FBI investigations and saved himself a lot of political capital. I don’t buy it.


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