It Looks Like Fultz is Headed for Philly!

I posted on this yesterday … and with great excitement. Yesterday, it appeared that a deal between the Sixers and the Celtics was possible that would send the top pick of this year’s draft to the Sixers for the Sixers pick at 3 plus other considerations.  That would mean the Sixers can get the player that they are drooling over – Markelle Fultz.

The deal is done and will be finalized on Monday!

Mhy wait? The Sixers need a meeting with Fultz and want to take one more look at him when he arrives in Philly. These are formalities.

In return, the Sixers will give up their pick at 3 as welll as next year’s Lakers pick — which is protected. If that does not convey, they will give over the 2019 Kings pick.

Adding to the fun, the Lakers appeared to be in competition with the Sixers to get Fultz but could not offer the above combination. Thank you basketball Gods for not allowing the Lakers pick to convey earlier! And thank you Sam Hinkie for stockpiling picks and getting the trade swap!

This is very, very exciting for sixer fans! Embiid, Simmons and Fultz are a perfect fit and 3 players who all have elite potential.  This quote gives you the feeling that Sixers fans share

…  within seconds of Marc Stein hitting send on a tweet Friday afternoon, it felt like those gray clouds had passed the Sixers. Finally. After four years of an endlessly mocked rebuild and essentially a quarter of a century of incompetence dating back to the day the Sixers dealt Charles Barkley, Sixers fans are finally set up to reap the harvest they patiently waited for. Sam Hinkie built the orchard and Bryan Colangelo grabbed a bushel off it and is trying to send it packing to Boston for Fultz. When it feels too good to be true, it usually is in Philadelphia, but maybe we’ve reached a new era in this city where optimism is the norm instead of a fleeting ray of sunshine.

That about sums it up!


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