Addicted to Nightshades?

Scientists are just starting to understand the relationship between the microbiome in the gut and overall health. and new knowledge is emerging as more research is completed. One area relates to leaky gut and immune system problems.

That interests me because I have had immune system issue my whole life. It started with rather severe allergies with a touch of asthma. I developed periodic iritis (eye inflamation), sinus issues, and so on. Throughout my life, I never thought that his might be related to diet.

Bt more recently, I found that I had developed chronic asthma. Self-experimentation revealed that I could control it by avoiding white bread. I had no idea why, but my experience has been consistent. If I eat pizza, for example, I will start coughing. If I avoid bread, I cough less. Interesting.

Around this same time, a close relative was diagnosed with MS. – an immune system illness. That person found that he could control it, at least to a certain degree, by following a restricted diet. So far, he has not had significant symptoms when he stays on this diet and is not on a medication protocol because he believes that he is doing as well using diet control. Interesting.

My experiences convince me that there is much to learn. And one of the areas that I would like to learn more about relates to proteins that we injest from certain foods, called lectins. I have posted about this before, and I offer this link today that explains why nightshades might cause problems for people with immune system issues because of their lectins.

The weird thing is that those problems arise from eating things we have always thought are inocuous – like tomatoes and potatoes. BTW, I am adjusting my diet to cut down on nightshades and other lectin heavy foods and will keep you posted on how this goes.

Stay tuned!


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