Media about Media … Errr… what about us?

One of the reasons that I loathe Donald Trump is his blatant manipulation of media. Trump knows that if he says outrageous stuff, he gets attention. And even if the stuff he says turns out to be complete BS, the attention still pays off.  Anyone remember, for example, Trump’s claim that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower?  That he has refused to release his tax returns?

Trump gets special treatment by debasing media. Media forgets the outrageous conduct and Trump sells his canned sound bites like “make America great again!” He substitutes those bland sound bites for policy discussion. And we find out later that they mean nothing. Anyone remember how Trump promised that he would bring into his administration the best and brightest people around? Errrr … like Mike Flynn?

Millions voted for Trump despite obvious indications that the dude was not fit to govern his way out of the men’s room.

The fact that Trump gets special attention  makes comments that came from Congressional Republicans the other day, strange to say the least. They suggested that Trump should now get special treatment from prosecutors because he is “new to Washington”. Errr …. Hello?  Have you not been paying attention? Trump ALREADY gets special treatment!!!!!

A quick diversion. Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome in 410 AD. Here is good old Alaric

Image result for alaric leader of the visigoths

Did  Alaric deserve special treatment because he was “new to Rome”?  Ok. Alaric led the rape and pillage of the once great city. One might argue that this is different from what Trump is doing to Washington. Errrr …. but not so fast. Alaric targeted physical safety of the residents in order to degrade Rome. Trump is not targeting public safety. Point made. At the same time, Trump leads the demolition of the climate for reasonable debate over important issues that face the country.  And that degrades us all. When we look back on this, will we say that Trump benefited anyone other than himself? Will we say, our public debate is now at a higher level? I think not.

Trump is less “new to Washington” than the scurge of Washington — if one believes in reasoned political debate.

So what to do? I choose howling at the moon. That is what I do in these blog posts. But I hope that this howling has at least a tiny effect. That effect is to help folks see that this dude is a menace. Not because he is a Republican. Not because he has controversial ideas. It is because he does not have any ideas, except self. aggrandizement at our expense.


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