On Cue, a Few Hard Core Trumpsters Go Bonkers

These days, one need not actually read what Trump and his poodles say. You only need to observe how over the top their rhetoric is, in order to assess what is going on.

Today, for example, we read from key Trumpsters that Bob Mueller is the devil incarnate and not worthy of a second of our valuable attention. Errr … it matters not that a short time ago those same inhtelligent humans were singing Mueller’s praise. Nor does it matter why they say they are so agitated now. We only need to note that it has been leaked that Mueller has expanded his investigaiton to name Donald Trump individually as the subjecto f a criminal investigatoin for obstruciton of justice. Of course they are angry!

It is a key moment in the Trump administration. Trump now needs support from his core. He needs influential people to say that he is ok. That he is their leader. But instead, we hear from Newt Gingrich and Kellyanne Conway.

Hmmm … I think that speaks volumes about what is going on. Trump needs a legion of supporters to cry foul! He needs heaven and earth to move and swallow up Bob Mueller. But he  has no broad core of support. His base is dwindling. And in reaction to the biggest news story of the Turmp presidency, most of Washington is silent.

In my view, that speaks volumes about where we are headed.

BTW, I expect that history will record and make much of the farcical nature of this scandal.  Trump has kept uncovering the cover up. He is the main witness agsinst himself. In political terms he is saying, “take me for all my warts and horrible behavior becuase I am the Donald”. Errr … at the end of the day; that will seem more and more like an absurd request.


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