Comfort Zones, Creativity and Negotiation

We just finished our second day of the Tartu InternationlNegotiatoin Workshop yesterday, and the day was spent talking about how to think.

Not just any thinking. But how to think strategically in order to build shared solutions. Doing that puts you in the right frame of mind to start negotiating.

There is a huge amount to be said about this. And sadly, our cultures tend not to emphasize these things. We might watch adventure movies — which all have a strategic component to the storyline —- but in the real world, most of us cling to certainty. We don’t like venturing very far from our comfort zones.

Greg Satell writes about the need to adjust from that and emerge from our comfort zones in order to begin seeing opportunities.

He has a point.  We get comfortable by expanding our belief framework about the things around us. So a home is more than just a building. This is a natural tendancy and a valuable one. But it should not be the only one that we nurture.

So how do we break out? We can do what Greg did and go to a strange environment that does not offer the things that make us comfortable. Mankind has been talkin gabout and writing about this sort of adventure from our earliest days. Or we can simply start learning how to ask questions about the beliefs that we hold dearly. Why are they important? What gives them their value?

Asking this type of quesiton in a series allows you to drill down to core values. That opens the door to alternative ways of realizing those values.

And that is why negotiators tend to be very good at asking questions.


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