Fire Bob Mueller?

The news is startling. Donlad Trump MAY fire special counsel Bob Mueller. If he does, Mueller would be the second person charged with investigating Trump campaign links to Russia to be fired by Trump.

Before thinking through why Trump might do this, we should first acknowledge that taking this step would severely damage Trump politically. Mueller is pretty much the only person around who has credibility in this area. He also provides a certain amount of cover for congressional Repuglicans who may be reluctant to grope around in the dark, perhaps uncovering some dead bodies in the closet.  Few if any big names will cheer Trump on.

So why would Trump do it? `The weird thing is that Mueller hasn’t really done anything yet. Firing him now would be based on a risk assessment focused on what Mueller might do. In other words, it comes close to an admission that Mueller is likely to find something very ugly and act on it. There is no other credible reason to take this step now.

In other words, we would have reached a critical moment. If Trump fires Mueller and Congress does nothing, it is an admission that Congress is complicit in a cover up.

So will Trump do this?`And if he does, will Congress act? Strap on your helmets! No one knows. Most likely, not even the dude in the White House.


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