Trump isn’t Fooling anyone, But …

Polling data is starting to come out about whether people believe Donald Trump or Jim Comey about what was said between them.  The results are not a surprise. Only a few stand by Trump.  No suprrise there. 

At this stage, we have come to recognize a new norm that applies to things Washington. The norm is that the president and his staff will routinely lie to us and conceal what is really going on. We have come to expect this. And that new expectation is more than a bit unnerving.

BTW, this is not that far from the feelings folks had back in 1976. Nixon was gone, but the bad smell from Watergate lingered. Jimmy Carter was elected persident because he looked squeaky clean. As it turned out, Carter was squeaky clean., The problem with Carter was that he also had no idea how to govern. He spent 4 years annoying everyone, and then fell victim to the Iran hostages crisis. Welcome Ronald Reagan.

I do hope that we do not fall into a repeat performance. Not trusting Trump puts a premium on finding someone who is trustworthy. That may mean, once again, bringing in a leader who can’t lead. That opens the door for surprises.

Keep those helmets on!


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