Trump Under Oath? Now that is Amusing!

Donald Trump is a liar. When I write that, I do not mean that he lied once or twice and got caught. Trump has been caught out for lying many, many times over the years.  A quick reminder

A whopping 70 percent of Trump’s statements that PolitiFact checked during the campaign were false, while only 4 percent were completely true, and 11 percent mostly true.

And Trump knows that he does this as a matter of routine

In his own autobiography, Trump used the phrase “truthful hyperbole,” a term coined by his ghostwriter referring to the flagrant truth-stretching that Trump employed, over and over, to help close sales. Trump apparently loved the wording, and went on to adopt it as his own.

To get a flavor for this, here is a list of “top ten” falsehoods from Daily Kos

… our list of the “Top 10” Trump greatest lies. Here are the falsehoods that broke through to make the shameful list:

  1. Repeal and replace Obamacare on day one
  2. Secret plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days
  3. Obama wiretapped his Trump Tower office
  4. Mexico will pay for the big, beautiful wall
  5. Drain the swamp (Washington D.C.)
  6. Massive voter fraud
  7. Biggest inauguration crowd in history
  8. NSA and FBI told Congress Russia did not influence 2016 election
  9. Won the most Electoral College votes since Ronald Reagan
  10. Only deport “bad hombres”

Personally, I find the one about how he lost friends from the 9/11 attacks to be the most repulsive.  From The Guardian

Trump has also claimed to have lost “hundreds of friends” in the attacks, though his campaign has declined to identify any victim whom he knew.

The “has also” part of the quote refers us to other questionable statements and activities on Trump’s part related to the attacks.

And so here we are. Trump — the habitual liar —  claims that he never said the things that Jim Comey claims he did. Not only that, he is willing to say so “under oath”.

My question — does ANYONE  take Donald Trump at his word at this point? Does anyone believe that Trump is suddenly telling the truth and that Comey is lying? And does ANYONE believe that swearing an oaath would make any difference to this dude?

Sadly, this is the dude whom millions voted for and who is running the country.

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