Life After Comey

Vox offers a tidy summation of the “winners and losers” from Jim Comey’s testimony yesterday.

This final comment seems particularly apt

Donald Trump puts himself before his party. He puts himself before his own administration — he was willing to see “satellites” brought up on charges in the Russia investigation as long as he was publicly known not to have been within its scope. If there is a way that Trump can get out of this by undermining Republicans, he will do it. But now, while they are the ones with the power to undermine him, they won’t.

At the start of the Trump presidency, one commentator noted that Washington politics now was a three party game. Trump in the White House, Congressional Republicans, and Congressional Democracts. At that time, each of the three had the chance to form coalitions to “win” politically. The Congressional Republicans have slavishly clung to Trump. It was an interesting strategic choice.


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