Should Trump Get a Pass?

Paul Ryan’s reaction to Jim Comey’s testimony will be the standard line for Republicans –  According to Ryan, Trump is inexperienced and frustrated. Sp he should get a pass.

Errr …of course, as Preet Bharara points out, the Trump crew knew all about the protocols limiting contact between the White House and law enforcement agencies when they jumped all over Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lunch on the tarmac. Double standard?

We still might give Trump a pass here if what he did was no big deal and he learned his lesson. Was it? Did he? Errr … on whether this is a big deal —- we might keep in mind that the FBI is pretty much the only agency that has the investigative resources to hold the president in check from blatant disregard for law.  And if the president controls those resources, he can use the FBI to go after his enemies and coddle his friends. Sorry Paul. Thr independence of the FBI is a very big deal. And did Trump learn anything from this? I have seen no indication that Trump has  changed his view that it is “his way or the highway”.

So should we give Trump a pass the way Paul Ryan suggests?

Think about it.


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