NBA Finals Game 3 – Wow!

What a great game!

The Cavs came out with amazing energy and were able to sustain it  through 3 quqarters.  James and Irving played their hearts out.  Irving pulled off so many amazing drives that I began to think that I was watching a highlights video instead of the game.

But the Warriors kept their poise. In the clutch, Kevin Durant made key shots including several 3’s. Suddenly the Cavs lead was gone. They had a chance to tie it up with 12 seconds left but James was stripped by Iguadala. Wow!

This was the key game of the series. The Cavs had to show the Warriors that they could win at home. And if they had won — which they were so very close to doing —  they could have looked forward to trying up the series in game 4. Now they are down 3 – 0. Worse still, they threw eveything they had against the Warriors at home and came up short.  That has to hurt.

But what a great game! There is some amazing talent on the court and both teams played at a high level.  I loved it!

BI has a nice article on the game with selected videos of key final moments. Go for it!


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