Warriors Cavs Game 2 Thoughts

The final score looks bad for the Cavs. But the final score does not tell the whole story.

First, the Cavs played a lot better in game 2 than they did in game 1 – and in the first half they matched the Warriors pretty much.  Especially important, James was getting a lot of points inside – and Love was hot. That is an important combo that worked for them early on.

Second, this was a great game to watch. Both teams made incredible offensive and defensive plays. So even when the Warriors went up, the game was still amagzing. I can’t remember when I saw such stellar play. The Warriors are just an amazing team – one of the best ever, I think.

So what happened to the Cavs? The Warriors wear you out when they are in synch. That is what did the Cavs in by the mid thrid quarter. You could see that Lebron was gassed. The tempo was too fast for him and the Cavs. If they can find a way to slow the game down in game 3, they may have a shot. If not, this series could be over quickly.

But this will only happen if Durant has an off night. So far he has been spectacular and the Cavs have not figured out a way to keep him in check And  Durant hurts the Cavs in so many ways. His outside shot, his driving to the hoop, his rebounding, his shot blocking and his transition play. How do you stop all of that?

So sure game 2 was a blow out. But it was a fun blow out to watch. Ja,mes, Irving, Love, Durant, and Curry are all hall of famers out there. There may be more. There is an incredible amount of talent on the court.  How could that not be special?


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