The Hubs are Coming!

We start this intellectual adventure with some old news. That old news is that certain locations (like Silicon Valley) have managed to attract lots of brainy people, capital and entrepreneurs. As a result, these places are magnets for start ups. They are so called “start up hubs”.

Another bit of old hubs. Localities thta cannot be called “start up hubs” are envious. They want to be innovative and wealthy too. And so they have tried to copy the start up hubs. This has worked — but only to a limited degree.

Now for the new idea. folks are just starting to real.ize that the secret sauce here is inter-connection. Locality — getting people together in a single place — is only part of the game. Equally important is modularity — fitting your great ideas into larger discussions about the topic. If so, a network of hubs can outperform a single big hub.

At least that is the theory. And in Germany, this theory is being put to the test.

Will this work? Of course it will — if the network brings in regional hubs to a broader exchange of thinking, deciding, investing and implementing. In other words, the decision trail gets more complicated in a network. But that can be sorted out by great leadership.

Stay tuned!


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