Trump and Our Fantasy Addiction

Pretty much everyone agrees that there is something wrong with the Trump presidency. Not a little bit wrong. VERY wrong. At the core of it all, and by all appearances, America has elected a man to be president who

  • has no qualifications for the job
  • has no respect for the truth
  • has no interest in anyone other than himself
  • likes dictators more than democratic leaders
  • does not take advice from competent people
  • cannot control his own emotions – especially outbursts of anger

These are personal characteristics that were obvious BEFORE he was elected.  So how could this slip by? Did millions of voters not notice?

Part of the blame can be placed on the misinfirmation that was fed to the public about Hillary Clinton. And part of the blame can be placed on Hillary herself for not creating a more forceful message (tapping into anger thing that Bernie did). Hillary is more technocrat than politician. But those parts do not add up to 100% At least part of the blame has to be placed on voters themslves who were takn in – duped – by this con man.

Why was it so easy to dupe folks? I think it has to do with a flaw that is not well recognized in American culture. That flow is an addiction to fantasy over reality. We are so caught up in grasping for “great” stuff, we forget to check if it is “real” stuff. America needs a reality check, and perhaps Donald Trump will give us that as the fantasy world he fed us in order to get elected crumbles into ugly reality.

Perhaps we will begin to see more clearly that reality has a way of kicking you in the ass when you are not paying attention. And when that happens, Superman, Batman, the Avengers, Wonder Woman, and all the rest of the fantasy super heroes will not suddenly appear to make reality go away.  We will be stuck with the reality that we create.

Perhaps we will see. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Trump and Our Fantasy Addiction”

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