Mondrian the Theosophist

We have reached a milestone in history – 100 years from 1917.

In 1917 the October Revolution transformed geopolitics and Marcel Duchamp sent a porcelain urinal to an art exhibition – but in the Hague they are celebrating another 100th birthday, that of De Stijl (pronounced, and meaning, “style”), the movement in which Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, Gerrit Rietveld and other Dutch artists and architects set out to transform the world with pure geometric design and unadulterated primary colours.

And one of the more fascinating  proponents of the De Stijl moveemnt was Piet Mondrian. The story of his spiritual evolution helps us understand the revolution that modern art became. From art that copies reality to art that sees beyond reality.

Jonathan Jones writes about the path that Mondrian took. Here is the core idea

… it is only by following Mondrian’s long and tortured artistic evolution that you can truly understand his courage and integrity. For he did not just wake up in 1917 and start painting coloured squares. His ideas developed gradually. His discovery of abstract art was the climax of a spiritual quest.


We move from this

Image result for Mondrian Devotion

to something loke this

Image result for Victory boogie woogie Mondrian


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