NBA Finals: Too Much KD!

The first game of the NBA finals was not a huge surprise. The Cavs could not adjust to the addition of Kevin Durant (KD) to the Warriors arsenal. Will that be the end of the story?

Of course, it may not be. The Cavs could adjust to KD and if they do so in a way that exploits a Warrior weakness, they might pull out a game or two in the series. But the reality is that the Warriors with KD are a superior team. They combine

  • too many offensive weapons
  • too much passing to find open shots
  • too much high quality transition play
  • too much aggressive offensive rebounding
  • too much switching defense

The Cavs are good, but not up to this standard. So I do not think this series will go to 7 games.

But then again, what do I know?


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