Meet the Family that Built a Tricorder

The Harris family lives outside of Philadelphia. A while back, they got interested in an X Prize contest to build a new type of medical device, sort of like the Tricorder that we all saw on TV.  Something like this

Image result for Star Trek tricorder

They got to work and after 2 years of fooling around, this happened

Image result for Harris xprize

Greg Satell writes about their story here.

As Greg mentions, the Harris project started from use and worked backwrad to technology. First, clarify what do we need help with, and then how do we offer the help in a better formts.

Lots of tech projects go the other way. Most recently, we have cryptocurrencies. Very cool. But what do we use them for? We are still trying to figure that out.

And we will see this play out in legal tech. What do we use law for? Then how do we upgrade the various ways we get those needs filled.



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