A Crypto World?

I like people who think big. Not because they are always right, or even most of the time right. But because big ideas lead to big discussions and big discussions lead to faster idea generation. That leads to more innovation.

At the end of the day, we may not realize the big ideas that are put into the public marketplace of ideas, but we are better off because big ideas are proposed.

And I can think of no bigger idea for our era than the transition from a capital based society to a knowledge-based society. We are living in a capital based society. Efficient use of capital is what gives us our consumer based lifestyles. It is what we understand as normal.  And it is changing into something else. That something else is the advent of knowledge replacing capital as the scarce resource that we all chase after.

The key to understanding this is to see knowledge less as a thing that one either has or does not have and more as the outcome of conversations that add value. Conversations that add value generate knowledge. As such, knowledge is not a fixed resource, but it is bounded by our capacity to generate value-adding conversations.

So how do we build that capacity?

At present, we use only a tiny fraction of that capacity. Why? Because we spend most of our time doing other things that we think are important — like chasing after money. As we use more of this capacity, we see the rate of knowledge generation increase. And it can increase to levels that were thought to be impossible in the not too distant past. Much like folks who rode horses could not imagine a car that routinely traveled at 60mph over highways, we find it difficult to imagine a world where vastly complex problems are solved overnight.

To make this happen, we will produce changes in our institutions that free up our value adding conversational capacity. And one of those institutions is how we work. Al Wenger wrote yesterday about some new thinking about how to finance this new type of less confining work using cryptocurrencies.

Go for it!


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