Why Comey Got Weird

It has come out that Jim Comey acted in a very weird way.

You might recall his decision to go public that the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails just before the election. That was weird. The FBI does not normally announce that it is investigating someone.  Comey justified this on the grounds that the public needed to know. Debateable. And now it comes out that Comey based his decision to investigate and announce that decision based on a  document that he knew was phony.

It was a Russian plant.

Huh? Yup. Fake news. Hmmm … WTF? Not only was that document fake, COMEY KNEW IT WAS FAKE!!!!

Again, WTF!  How to unpack this news? Well, there are two possibilities. One is that Comey wanted to derail the Clinton campaign and saw this as his best shot. The second is that Comey didn’t want to derail the Clinton campaign, but he feared that the FBI would be attacked for not acting on the information — even though it was fake. So he wanted to demonstrate the “trust blue” credentials if the FBI.

I bet on door number 2. And because of that, I once again, for the zillionth time condemn the toxic atmosphere that partisanship has bred in Washington. If Comey was so afraid that he felt compelled to act on information that he knew was false, well, WTF!!!

Washington politics is no longer politics. It has descended to grade B-movie plotting.  That does not bode well for the republic.


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