Thinking about the 2018 Elections

If you are like me, you are concerned about the direction the US is headed.  Trump is part of the problem. But equally concerning is the attitude of Republicans about politics. That attitude shouts out, “We really don’t care if what we say makes sense. We can win anyway.”

And they are indeed in control of Congress and the White House. That control has given them a potential conservative majority on the Supreme Court. They are sitting in the catbird seat.

But there are signs that all is not well in paradise.  Trump won, but he has been astoundingly ineffective as a leader, not to mention embroiled in endless controversy.  And Republicans have been unable to move any significant legislation through both houses of Congress. The disaster that is their health care proposal speaks loudly that they will have difficulty governing the way they have promised that they would. And folks may start waking up to the reality that while Republicans say they are for the middle class, their policies are not grounded in protecting or building the middle class. They have been and remain the trickle down party.

Which is why the 2018 election is important. If Democrats can take back the House, the power game in Washington fundamentally changes. Trump would no longer have a republican wall to protect him from House investigation. And a democratically controlled House could prevent truly stupid legislative proposals from dominating the agenda. And perhaps most important, Democrats would have a pulpit to get their message across to the broader electorate. They could start telling a new story.

The conventional wisdom was that this is a pipe dream. But consider what just happened in Montana – a very, very red state.

To win by only 7 in Montana, a state that Trump won by 20 points, is a clear sign that seats Trump won by 4 or 5 points or more aren’t truly safe.

This is part of a larger trend where dems have been pulling in pretty good polling figures. So yes, the dems have a shot. And it is a big deal.

So … are you engaged in this? Are you engaged locally to help push the dems over the top? If not, why not? Now is the time.

Think about it.


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