The News about Kik and Kin

Kik is a messaging system that is used by lots and lots of people. I am not one of them. But I will be now.

the reason I will join kik is that kik is adopting something called kin. In other words, kin will be fully integrated into the kik service.

So what is kin? It is an ethereum based crypto-currency.

Got that?

If not, don’t worry. You will be in the majority. Here is the skinny. Using kik, you will now be able to make direct micro-exchanges.

Fred Wilson has more. Go for it!

Still not persuaded? Here are a few bullet points to keep in mind

  • web-based business models are generally 2attention based”. The more attention they can grab, the more content can be monetized
  • This has led to “network effects” — meaning getting big is everything. So you get Google, Facebook, etc. instead of a lot of small businesses that compete to add value to you
  • The effect has been to control attention rather than to empower users.
  • To get around the network effects, we need a new business model that allows smaller web-based content providers to monetize what they do without relentlessly pursuing more traffic
  • to get there, you need more ways to allow direct exchanges between developers and users
  • crypto-currency embedded in a network that ties a community together can achieve that

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