Whatever Happened to Rollo?

If you are not up on your Viking history, Rollo was quite a character.  He lived in the 9th and 10th centuries and was a Viking chieftain.  That meant taking a keen interest in marauding. And quite the marauder Rollo was indeed!

The Frankish King Charles the Simple got totally fed up with Rollo’s marauding.  In case you were wondering, King Charles the Simple was the son of King Louis the Stammerer.What great names kings had back then!

Charley decided that something had to be done about Rollo. No, no no! He did not want to fight Rollo! He bribed him with a huge land grant, which worked much better. That land grant was Normandy. And yes, Rollo became the first duke of Normandy. His great-great-great grandson was called William the bastard by some. We know him as William the Conqueror. He was the dude who won at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and began the Norman domination of England.

Getting back to good old Rollo, we don’t know where he was born. Was he Norwegian or Danish?  Archeologists thought they might figure this out by opening up the graves o his grandson and great-grandson. And there they had a shock. The bones that they found in those graves were not of Rollo’s grandson or great-grandson.

WTF? Read on for more!


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