The Whiskeys You Don’t Need … But Crave!

Around 5:00 pm, I stop what I am doing and head for the living room. Two things interest me at that particular point in time in that place. The first is my favorite chair. It is the type of affair you sink into. A chair that excels in facilitating repose. The second is my glass of whiskey.  I do not drink more than one glass. And I use no ice or soda. These would dilute the pleasure of sipping.

If you are going to sip in this fashion, you do want something worth sipping  In my view, that means a certain balance between smoothness and flavor. Hmmm … and which whiskeys offer that balance?

A quote like this might get your attention

If you want to be sipping the best whiskey in the world, there’s only one competition you need to pay attention to.

Hmmm …

More than 2,200 spirits were entered to be sipped and evaluated at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in April. More than 20 whiskeys from some of the world’s most prestigious distilleries earned awards.

And here is a list of 22 award winners.

I would not say no to the 12 year old Glenmorangie  Nector D’Or

Image result for Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or

But I have a thing for Irish whiskey. And so the Redbreast 15 year old single pot might just do the trick

Image result for Redbreast 15 year old single pot

Go for it!



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