I Missed the Vulture Festival!

Ah well.  Somehow the show went on without me. Here is the skinny

The fourth annual Vulture Festival in New York City was a revolving door of your favorite celebrities. There was a musical revue with Tituss Burgess, a pop-culture-trivia game show turned screaming match that featured stars from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Orange Is the New Black, and dozens of hours of conversation with everyone from podcast stars (your 2 Dope Queens, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson) to teen-soap heartthrobs (the cast of Riverdale) to a sitting United States senator (Al Franken). The Vulture Festival Photo Studio was open for business to shoot them all, so check out the roll call of this year’s attendees, and start making your plans for next year.

You got something like this

Image result for the Vulture Festival

And you got Senator Al Franken plugging his new book.  Al is having a gestalt moment these days. He dares to say what so many feel – that he hates Senator Ted Cruz.

I would suggest that Al re-think this approach to dealing with Senator Cruz. To say that he “hates” Ted Cruz suggests a degree of passion that Cruz does not deserve. Cruz is smarmy. He is mendacious. He is shameless. All True.  But if you move directly to hate, you miss the unique spectacle that Cruz is. If you were to place him in a novel, readers would reject him as a character — too bizarre!

In this sense, Cruz amazes. He is larger than life on any scale of the ridiculous. We should accept the man for what he offers us. A glimpse into an abyss that we dare not approach. And nearly as weird as our current president.


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