Have You Had Your Vital Reds Today?

Over the years, I have had a number of autoimmune issues. Allergies were the main symptoms. But I also had iritis, asthma and later on, a sensitivity to white bread. More recently, a close relative was diagnosed with MS, also an autoimmune problem.  So I have developed a keen interest in how researchers are coming to understand the immune system and its disorders.

A few years ago, I read a lot of posts and articles about the connection between the gut and the immune system. Vastly simplifying the literature, there are apparently friendly and not so friendly bacteria in the gut, and the not so friendly bacteria stimulate inflammation — an immune system reaction. So we can improve our immune system health via diet.

BTW, this way of thinking has so far been confirmed. So far, knock on wood, the MS that I mentioned, has been kept in check with a strict diet. But I recognize that the above is a simplification of a complex process. And I have been wondering if and when researchers would get more sophisticated in assessing how gut health can be improved. First, by developing better explanations of the biochemical processes that are involved in digestion, and then in recommending more healthy diets.

With that long wind up, this morning my bro sent me a link to several videos by Dr. Gundry. Yes, he has some products out there. But he is also a scientist, and he has some very interesting ideas about stuff that we all need to know. I was impressed by his reserach. he also explains stuff very well.

Watch out for those lectins and high protein diets!

Check it out! Enjoy!


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